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Embrace the Extra

What exactly does "Embrace the Extra" mean?  It's a way of describing all the extra things that life brings our way.  When we are young, most of us have a vision as to how we want our life to be, but as we get older and the reality of what life is begins to set in we begin to see that our well laid plans have taken a different path.  

That's the Extra.  Those paths, good or bad that have directed us to where we are.  It's about embracing what life has in store for us, and working with it rather than against it.  That is what Embrace the Extra means.  

Scroll about my website and see how I can help you to "Embrace the Extra."

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Area's of Expertise

My goal is to focus on areas in which I can truly help you.  Many therapists and coaches are willing to tackle any issue that is presented to them.  Not me--I want to be amazingly skilled at what I offer to my clients, and the less broad my focus, the deeper my knowledge and skill level goes--for you.  

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The ADHD Coterie

Accessible, Affordable, Reliable Resources to help you understand and work with ADHD. 

Trauma Healing for Women

Trauma experiences are powerful.  They have the ability to change your destined trajectory--if you let it.  But the best thing to do is to work through and heal.  I can help.  

Pre-Marital Coaching

Marriage is grand--but divorce is 10 Grand--and more.  The rates of divorce are creeping past 50% in this country and are over 60% for second marriages.  

Don't be part of that statistic.  Click to learn more about how Pre-Marital coaching can help you. 


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"Why fit in when you were born to STAND OUT?" 

Dr. Seuss

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