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7 Amazingly Successful Women Who Have ADHD

March is Women’s History Month, so here at the ADHD Coterie we are going to focus this month on ADHD and girls. To start off, we are going to celebrate several successful women who have absolutely thrived with ADHD, and in most cases believe they thrived BECAUSE of it, not in spite of it. So let’s dig in!

01. Emma Watson--AKA Hermione Granger

Emma Watson was diagnosed with ADHD Combined type as a child. This means she has both hyperactive and inattention symptoms. Her family chose to medicate her as a child, and while she was filming Harry Potter she was medicated. Though the bright precocious Hermione is not much different from her other half, Emma who went on to graduate from Brown University

02. Zooey Deschanel

Zooey has always loved a lot of mental stimulation. This kept her focused and energized to work. She was always staying busy and found her passion in acting. She later went on to star in the popular series “New Girl.”

03. Simone Biles

Simone is the highest awarded American gymnast in history. As a child, and still to this day, Simone was prescribed Ritalin in order to focus. She speaks openly about her diagnosis and the therapeutic effect her medication has had on her. Simone chooses to be open to help reduce the stigma and shame that often accompanies turning to medication for a mental health diagnosis. Wise beyond her years, Simone tells others, “if you make it seem like a problem then they think they have a problem.” Her goal is to normalize ADHD rather than make it something to be ashamed of.

04. Lisa Ling

Lisa Ling is an award winning journalist who has covered stories around the world. She states that she always suspected she had ADHD, but never followed through with getting evaluated until she worked on a docuseries all about ADHD. After the series wrapped she decided to see the doctors who participated and underwent evaluations, and received her diagnosis. She finds that she is able to laser focus on activities that she is passionate about, and encourages others who have ADHD to seek their passion and pour all their energy into it. She believes doing so they will be able to shine.

05. Jessica McCabe (Famous YouTuber)

Jessica is a famous YouTuber who runs a channel called, “How to ADHD.” On this channel she educates folks on what it’s like to live with ADHD and how to thrive. It should be noted that people with ADHD are 300% more likely to start a business, and Jessica says about this, “not only do we think outside the box, we actually aren’t even aware that there is a box!”

06. Cammi Granato

Cammi is an olympic gold medalist who has scored more goals in her career than any other US female hockey player. She believes that her ability to stay in the moment has helped her success in hockey. This is a skill that is necessary to be good at the sport because you never know which direction the game will go.

07. Margaux Joffe

Margaux is an award winning producer who was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 29. Throughout her 20’s she battled what she thought was anxiety and depression. She now works to educate and advocate for women with ADHD and says, “women with ADHD are highly creative, hardworking, passionate, and resilient. We are trailblazers and pioneers in a variety of fields. We have unique gifts to share with the world.”

So you see, having ADHD can actually become a superpower, but that is if you can learn to embrace and empower the unique traits and qualities that come along with it. There are days that will be easier than others, but know that the end result of all the hard work could really go far!

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