• Jamie Racine

ADHD & Accessible Mental Health Care

It was quite the success to wrap up the series on executive functioning last week. For those of you living with ADHD everyday you know what an accomplishment it is that I got through a 7 week commitment such as that! It was no easy feat—but it’s done.

The interesting thing with ADHD is that when you feel passionate about something you have the ability to seriously hyperfocus and be extremely productive. And that’s how I feel with what I am venturing out to do here.

This week I am turning my attention to affordable mental health care and why that so important. I will continue this month with other co-occurring “issues” that can accompany ADHD without proper education and strategies.

I don’t like to call it treatment for ADHD—it’s not something that needs to be fixed—it’s just something that without understanding and strategies to manage can have negative long term consequences—and those are what end up needing treatment.

So...listen in before I ramble on too long here on my soap box!

Check out the podcast HERE or watch the video below!

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