• Jamie Racine

Executive Function: Planning and Prioritizing

I struggled to write this post this week--why? Because I didn't prioritize all that well. Lately I've had some seriously competing demands and frankly, juggling everything with this Pandemic, the kids being remote all of a sudden, and trying to meet everyone's needs--this post got shifted down on the priority list--and I ended up writing it last minute and a little bit stressed.

Mostly I do ok with planning--sometimes I struggle, sometimes I save things to way last minute and I shouldn't, but mostly I can get what I need done in the proper amount of time.

I like to post my Blogs by noon time on Tuesday--but this week, it's a bit late. Today was the first day in 12 days that I have not had direct kid responsibility.

But, planning and prioritizing is a skill that we have to develop over time. Most of us can do so successfully, but kids with ADHD struggle here.

Check out this weeks video on why it's difficult for kids with ADHD and how you can help.

if you prefer, you can also listen to this weeks episode via podcast HERE .

AND REMEMBER--if you WANT MORE DETAIL ABOUT EXECUTIVE Functioning, about ALL the Skills, including specific activities to help your child, worksheets, and other bonuses grab my comprehensive course on Executive Functioning--The Brain Bosses NOW. This course is being released on May 1, 2021, and between now and May 1st you can grab it for a special price of $17. Don't miss this deal! Once it's gone it's gone! Grab the course HERE!

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