• Jamie Racine

Executive Functioning--The Basic's

Vlog numero uno all about Executive Functioning. This week we will be going over the basics, what it is and how it pertains to ADHD. This is a critical component in basic day to day functioning that everyone depends on--but for people with ADHD, most have substantial deficits here. Deficits can look different for each person, and come in multiple sets of combinations--but they are still there. Check out the Vlog for more information.

Also--Are you new to the ADHD world? Feel like you were thrown to the wolves with zero direction? Well, I have created a Free Road Map to help you get started. In here you will find 8 specifics steps you can start taking TODAY to get a handle on your new journey.

Click HERE to grab your copy.

If you have any more questions or inquiries, you can find me in all these hotspots: Email; Facebook; and Instagram.

Prefer to listen to a podcast? Listen to this here.

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