• Jamie Racine

Time Management--My Arch Nemesis--

Here you have it folks--between this and my inability to remember what I had for breakfast (ok, thats a lie because I have a protein shake every single solitary day) but I seriously couldn't tell you what I had for dinner last night! Trying to remember--nope, it's gone...time management has GOT TO BE THE WORST!

Watch the video or listen to the podcast--you'll hear my specific struggles, why it happens, and some things I do to help it out that work (most of the time), and ways I try to prevent myself from experiencing the inevitable natural consequences!

Link to Podcast Here

New to the ADHD World? Not sure where to start? Grab this check list right HERE and it will give you a clear road map where to start researching! It's a complicated world...but, at least you can start SOMEWHERE!

Thanks for checking out my work! Until next time!


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